What to expect in Android O

Android has distinguished itself as a leading mobile phone operating system. It boasts of a whooping two billion users. With such an audience Android is an unequivocal must-have. With the release of Android O just around the corner, it is interesting to contemplate about what the developers at Google have come up with this time around.


First off is the name. Everyone has been trying to guess which name will be given to Android O. Given that Google is inclined to name its operating systems after desserts, the discussions have been rotating around the name Oreo which is dubbed milk’s favourite cookie. However, there are still some other candidates such as Orange, Orangina and Oatmeal Cookie. None of these score as highly with fans as Oreo of course but they should still be considered since Android N where Google went away from fan-favourite Nutella and chose the unlikely choice Nougat.

Picture-on-Picture Mode

Next we look into what new amazing features we can expect from Android O. To begin with, Google has introduced a picture on picture mode. What this essentially means is that you can view a video from YouTube while scrolling down your Facebook timeline. This feature is not limited to only videos, it is intended for maps as well. The picture on picture mode introduction has received many approvals from Android lovers worldwide who are happy that Google pushed the split screen feature found in Nougat further. It is something exciting for you too.

Battery Life

In Android O, Google continues in the quest of reducing battery drain. Building on Android N which allows users to limit application’s background activities, Android O introduces automatic disabling of background and location services. This new feature which is expected to go a long way in prolonging users’ battery life has already received much praise from the developer community, is very welcome.

Notification Channels

Another ingenious feature Google has introduced with Android O is notification channels. This is a new and innovative way to allow users to manage notifications. What this means is now a user can change the behaviour of an app’s notifications. This behaviour includes a notification’s priority, whether it shows on lock screen among others. With this feature, developers give up their control over the notification bar and hand over the control to users. This is definitely something worth looking forward to.


You will also be pleased with the introduction of autofill in apps as well. Yes, autofill, that ingenious feature in your browser that fills in your login details for you, is going to be available in your phone. This means if you hate filling out web forms, you will love Android O. Not only does the incorporation of this feature make it easier to log into your accounts, it will also save you time.

Notification dots

You can expect to be wowed with the introduction of notification dots which will make your homepage come alive. Simply put, notification dots are like a magnifying glass into the app. Through this feature you will be able to peep into the app without opening the app. Additionally, from the home screen you will be able to perform a few tasks for instance if using the mail app, mark messages as read. To top it off, because Android O is not done with impressing you, it will allow you to customize your icon borders through the use of adaptive icons.

Just when we thought Google was done, it pulled a fast one on us and once again managed to push the limits of a smartphone further. There are a lot of impressive features to look forward to with the introduction of Android O it would be a shame to not anxiously await it.