Reasons why your phone is overheating

It is normal for your handset to warm up while in use. What is abnormal is when your device’s temperatures rise to such alarming temperatures that the phone either switches off or you receive a message informing you of the same. Then it is imperative to find out the cause and or look for ways to avoid it before quickly ruling out as a hardware malfunction. Below we look at the reasons behind your headset’s overheating and possible solutions.

Too many apps are running

You have opened and forgotten to close so many resource intensive applications in your phone. Two social media sites and a video streaming site are currently running and you are about to open a game. You need not look far for the cause of the overheating.

Sometimes however there are some apps in the background that are secretly always running, taking up processor time and leading to overheating. In this scenario, even if all other apps are closed, opening one app could lead to overheating. It is therefore prudent to regularly have a look at the applications running in the background so as to disable unnecessary and expensive apps.


Games are another culprit behind an overheating headset. Gaming is actually behind majority of overheating complaints. While games vary in complexity, they generally use up a lot of processing power especially those that use additional resources such as Wi-Fi___33 and location. It is therefore advisable not to play games for prolonged periods of time.


One of the great features of our phones is that we can use them to stream videos from the internet. However just like gaming, streaming has the detrimental effect of causing overheating when done for prolonged periods of time. Streaming utilizes a number of phone resources including Wi-Fi and location and all these depend on the processor. Long periods of streaming stretch the processor causing it to become less efficient.

Bad Battery

Sometimes it is your applications and application use, other times it is your battery that is the problem. Although it may pass battery tests, your battery may still have an inherent problem especially if it is old. If you have a removable battery, it is a good idea to have a look at the battery and check if it any way defective. A curved or bloated battery indicates that you need to replace that battery.

Phone cover

The genesis of your overheating problem may be your phone cover. Phone covers serve an important function in protecting the hardware of our phone but they may do quite the opposite for the software. They may stifle your processor by preventing it from having adequate ventilation. To determine whether the phone cover is behind your woes, try and use your phone outside the phone cover for a while and assess whether there is an effect on the heat levels.


This is a bit intuitive. Since the sun heats things up, it goes without saying that exposing your handset to the sun will lead to higher phone temperature levels causing overheating. It is sensible to therefore keep your device away from the sun and any heating source for that matter.

Phone usage

Put the phone down. As we have repeatedly said, it is the overworking of the processor that leads to overheating. Constantly scrolling down your timelines in social media is counterproductive in the fight against overheating. Sometimes, take a break from the phone; allow the processor to rest and cool down. You will notice a drastic drop in the temperature of your device if you heed these words.