Prolonging Battery life

One of the biggest and most recurring issue smartphone users face, is that of fast battery drain. This explains why one of the most frequent questions from a smartphone shopper is, “what is the battery size?” The battery size being synonymous with the battery life to most users. Simply put people want a phone that can retain charge for an entire day. What we forget though is that we have influence over how quickly our phone discharges. In fact our phone habits have the biggest role to play in conserving our battery life. Let’s look at the way we can conserve battery life


If you have been perennially complaining about your battery, start here. In Android OS, almost every app comes with an accompanying widget which is laudable because you can view app updates on a go. However it also comes with the extra expense of increasing your battery usage because of the constant syncing they do. Therefore, if there is a widget, you know you really do not need, it’s time to dump it


Live wallpapers may be fun but that fun comes at extra hidden cost. These beauties are basically leeches on your batteries. Anyone seeking to conserve battery life would be wary of them and instead opt for static wallpapers which may sound boring but can come with cool pictures as well. Choose a wallpaper that will make you happy in the long-run, that’s what is being said

Notification management

The importance of notifications is universally accepted and cannot be understated. However not all notifications are important. Some notifications are simply battery suckers therefore have no business waking your screen, vibrating the phone etc. You have the power to control your notifications meaning you can force those unnecessary notifications to show silently.


Another battery killer that you need to rein in on is your screen’s brightness level. Adjust your brightness level. you may need full brightness when out in the sun but when indoors, dim it a bit. You could use automatic brightness if your battery life isn’t in a dire state but if it is, abandon the adaptive brightness and lower the brightness level manually to the lowest and most comfortable level.

Background and location services

There are always apps running in the background. This may be necessary for the app but not for you. To ensure that only necessary apps are running the background, have a look at the applications. Rein in on unnecessary applications and make strides in conserving power

Just like applications that run in the background, it is wise to disable your location services so that you can be on top of the applications that anonymously periodically request to utilize your location services. Needless to say, that process require power and disabling it will go a long way in saving power.

Resource intensive apps

There are some apps in your phone whose battery usage will surprise you. You need to have a look at your phone’s battery usage to make sure that some beloved app isn’t betraying you. This way you will know for sure which apps are too expensive to hold on to. Some apps just need to go. Keep in mind that one of the reason behind a resource intensive app is that it is outdated. Purpose to keep your apps up to date because developers tend to include battery saving features into apps through updates.

Battery Saver

It is there for a reason, make use of it when you are in a fix. It will reduce the performance of your apps but you will gain so much in battery longevity.