How to identify a fake phone

Experiencing difficulty distinguishing between a genuine and counterfeit phone can happen to even the best of us. Counterfeit phone manufacturers are regularly upping their phone cloning game making a fake and genuine phone almost indistinguishable at first glance. But, with a bit of directed digging, it’s as easy as abc. There are several reasons you would not want to fall for a counterfeit phone. A major concern being that they possess low quality parts which let alone giving a poor user experience, may have hazardous effects one’s health. How therefore could you differentiate between a counterfeit and genuine phone.

IMEI Number

This is the most fool proof way to verify the authenticity of a phone. View the IMEI number from the phone’s box or from the settings. Then if the phone is an Android, dial *#06# on the headset. If the phone displays the details similar to those in the handset you can rule out that it is a fake, otherwise be wary of that handset. For iPhones, copy paste the serial number in the phone to Apple’s webpage dedicated to verifying serial numbers and you will be good to go so long as the serial number is labelled valid. Be very suspicious of the phone if it is labelled invalid


Nonetheless, there are some physical features which when off you can rule out the phone to be counterfeit without further ado.

First off, name. A brand would not accidentally misspell their name regardless of what the salesperson is telling you.

Next, phone buttons. A brand’s phone buttons are usually in the same order in all their phones. They didn’t adopt a new order with that handset.

Another easy way to identify a counterfeit is the position of the screen in relation to the phone. Counterfeits tend to have a huge space between the screen and edge.

Onto the logo. Keenly look at the logo. Not for misspelling now, but for size variation or a logo that can be rubbed off or can be felt. This sounds ridiculously easy but many people are easily fooled through it into believing their handsets are original


Analysing a phone’s features is another quick and easy way to detect a counterfeit phone. If a phone under-delivers or over promises there is a high chance it is a counterfeit. What this essentially means is if the phone claims to have an 8MP camera but from your analysis the phone camera looks grainier than VGA, trust your analysis. It can also be inferred that if a phone indicates in the box that it has a camera with a flash but doesn’t have one, then it’s a sham. Again, genuine manufacturers do not forget to include features in some phones, only counterfeit ones do that. You should therefore be very distrustful of a phone like that.


This is another intuitive way to detect a phone. From the moment the phone is booted if you detect some abnormality in the screen’s brightness and the vibrancy of the colours, you should become instantly dubious of the phone. Do not justify it. An original’s phone’s display colours will not become pale when the brightness level is maximum.

Along those lines observe how the phone boots. If it is taking an alarmingly copious amount of time, that cannot be a genuine device. Additionally if the device makes strange sounds similar to that of a car leave it alone.

Those are some of the easy to follow methods of verifying a phone’s genuinity. Another step you can take to avoid such circumstances altogether is always buying your handsets from authorised phone dealers. These are the ones listed in your manufacturer’s website not the ones that label themselves as so.