About Us

Security Phones is the divine-sent solution for every person with bad credit. The reason for that is because we perform no credit checks on our customers. You can therefore rest easy if you have bad credit because we won’t discriminate against you. In our hands you will be accorded with the respect and dignity deserving of an esteemed customer.

It is the heart-breaking plight of the millions of people denied phone contracts due to bad credit that persuaded us to start this company. We believe that mobile phones shouldn’t be the delight of a select few who have a stellar credit score. In this day and age where these devices have transcended being luxuries and can now be called a necessity, everyone should have access to a mobile phone. Our mission that is informed by this belief is to normalize mobile phones.

Not only does Security Phones want you to have a mobile phone, we want you to have the mobile phone of your dreams. With a wide range of mobile phones to choose from, with us that phone you have been crushing on can finally be yours.

To reinforce our mantra, which is, with Security Phones you will not be disappointed, we can affirm to you that majority of our customers have used our services repeatedly. We attribute that to the outstanding service they receive at Security Phones where we make getting you a phone contract our mission.