Guaranteed Mobile Phones

Security Phones Guaranteed Mobile Phones are for everyone but especially those people lacking a credit score or having a poor rating.

Our application process is pretty fast and straightforward. It involves verification of your identification details and that you are of legal age. Once you have passed this test, expect a response in less than a day.

When you are signed up with us, you can expect a top-notch mobile phone and a complementary bundle of minutes, text and bundles soon after.

One of our highlights is that we will give you a handset on good faith the instant you apply. The only test you will need to pass is that of identification and that of legal age limit. In less than a day, you can expect a response from us which is an approval 4 out of 5 times. And with this response, a mobile phone shortly follows. In this day and age where mobile phones are a necessity, it is imperative to make mobile phones more accessible, so there are no long wait times in Instant Mobile.

Another plus is the phones in our portfolio are among the best in the market so you need not worry about getting a substandard phone. We do not punish our clients for having less than perfect credit scores. In fact, we understand that with the volatile economic climate, it is hard to stay on top of everything moreso your credit score. So talk to us, tell us what you want and we guarantee that we will work something up for you. Your dream phone can become yours.

Since we know that the anxiety over your credit score doesn’t just stop with a phone contract approval, you will be happy to hear that when you partner with , you start on a journey of rebuilding your credit score. We may not check your credit score but are interested in assisting you to rebuild yours.